High-Speed Corporate Events

Treat your team to an authentic and unique experience with high-speed corporate events at Kaminsky Park. Located on Lake Freeman in Monticello, Indiana, Kaminsky Park is just an hour’s drive northwest of Indianapolis. Sporting a brand new 12-turn, half-mile go-kart track, Kaminsky Park offers your team an immersive motorsports experience and instruction from our team of professionals. An 11,000 sqft welcome center features additional recreation options. A large viewing deck, bar area, and private lake access, offer a refreshing change of pace after exciting laps of the circuit.

Race Karts

CRG Centurion karts with Honda GX270 engines give you the closest feel to what a true racecar can do. Adjustable pedals and seats, 4-point safety harnesses with a roll hoop, and full bumper surrounds create an authentic wheel to wheel racing experience for your entire group.

Park Facilities

An 11,000 sqft welcome center features a race shop, bar area, and even a full-scale pickleball court. A large deck offers incredible views of the action on the track. Come indoors and relax with refreshments at the bar, or review your race to find an edge over your competitors.

Lake Activities

Kaminsky Park sits high above Lake Freeman. This 1500-acre lake, with 50 miles of coastline, offers breathtaking views and refreshing recreation options. Boat ride tours and water sports are available.

About Kaminsky Park

Founded by racing driver Colin Kaminsky, Kaminsky Park offers a perfect opportunity to build your team, network your company, and connect to a community built on motorsports. When you join us at Kaminsky Park, you’ll connect with Colin and his journey to the Indy 500 and beyond.

Personal and authentic experiences at Kaminsky Park are ideal for treating clientele and business-to-business partners. We have developed ways for your business to utilize our facilities in a competitive yet supportive environment that brings out the best in your team. Don’t just purchase a logo on a race car or watch from the grandstands, experience racing yourself with an immersive team-building experience at Kaminsky Park.

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About Us

Authentic motorsports experiences at Kaminsky Park offer a unique opportunity to build your corporate team and connect to the world of professional racing. A half-mile asphalt track and lakeside welcome center offer a multitude of recreation options for groups of all sizes.