Dual Outing & Motorsport Marketing Packages

Get more out of Kaminsky Park and become a driving force of Colin Kaminsky’s racing journey. When Kaminsky Park was conceived, it was not until a couple years down the road that the Kaminsky family realized that this could become something more than just a fun piece of property. But instead, a tangible tool, accessible to corporations that want to get involved in motorsports marketing beyond the typical on-track race weekends.

One of our missions at Kaminsky Park is to provide a unique route for Colin Kaminsky to get to the professional ranks of motorsports. What stands out is the opportunity for corporations to fully immerse themselves in the culture that is motorsports, and truly become apart of Colin’s team. When you get involved with Colin’s racing program, Kaminsky Park becomes accessible to you to entertain your own clients, partners, or whomever and for whatever reason. Whether its team building or networking to make deals, Kaminsky Park is here to help your business.

Furthermore, opportunities to activate your marketing program are available by entertaining at the race track when Colin is competing. Public speaking, car displays, company branding and more are also on offer to get the most out of your campaign with Colin.

Motorsports marketing packages come in all shapes and sizes. To better understand your needs, reach out to us and we can discuss the different avenues in which Kaminsky Park and Colin Kaminsky can add value to your business.